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Our History

The Covington Tradition

The Covington Tradition

Covington's commitment to providing decorative upholstery, bedding and drapery products have enabled the company to maintain its position as a global leader for nearly 80 years. Our lines of fabric each specialize in style, quality and exceptional design. With our internationally known design studio located in New York City, Covington offers the highest level of customer service, quality products and design for today's residential and hospitality markets.

1940 – Covington Founded

Ben Gilmore founded Covington Fabrics in 1940.

1986 – New President Named

Abby Gilmore succeeded her father to become president of Covington Fabrics after previously serving as vice president and general counsel.

Covington Founded
Golden Anniversary

1990 – Golden Anniversary

Covington celebrated its 50 year anniversary by focusing on global marketing.

1994 – Spectrum Fabrics Purchase & A Move To Fifth Ave.

Covington purchased NY-based converter, Spectrum Fabrics and opened their new headquarters on lower Fifth Avenue.

1996 – Covington Industries

Covington Fabrics becomes Covington Industries with Abby Gilmore as President and CEO.

1997 – Fame Fabrics Acquisition

Covington acquires Fame Fabrics to operate as an independent division under Covington Industries along with Covington Fabrics, Spectrum, and Tasco.

Covington Industries
Acquisition, Contract Division

1999 – Rapier-Cambridge Acquisition

Covington acquires Rapier-Cambridge, a High Point, NC woven fabric mill allowing Covington Industries an entrée into the woven market with its new division, Rapier-Cambridge.

1999 – New Contract Division, Now 4 Distinct Divisions

Covington formed Covington Contract division to address the needs of the hospitality and healthcare industries. Under Covington Industries, the company has four distinct divisions operating independently: Covington Fabrics, Rapier-Cambridge/Fame, Spectrum Fabrics and Covington Contract.

2006 – Gilmore Family Sells

The Gilmore family sells the company to a group of investors led by Roger Gilmartin. Gilmartin becomes president and CEO.

2008 – Kahan & Rifkin Families Purchase Covington Industries

The Kahan and Rifkin families purchase the business and establish Covington Fabric & Design. Covington Fabric & Design purchases Heirloom Decorative Fabrics.

Gilmore Family Sells, Kahan and Rifkin Families Purchase
New President, Greg Tarver becomes CEO

2009 – New President & CEO

Mark Kahan succeeds Roger Gilmartin as President and CEO. Gilmartin continues to consult with Covington after 40 years in the industry.

2010 – Division Reintroduction

Covington reintroduces Covington Contract division.

2011 – Greg Tarver becomes President & CEO

Greg Tarver joins Covington as President and CEO and Mark Kahan becomes Chairman. Tarver was previously President and COO of the Robert Allen Group and had a 27-year career primarily at WestPoint Stevens previously.